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A wireless wood creature (part mushroom/part spider/part unknown, possibly human) finds itself in a town called Woodstock, wondering which one. And just to be on the safe side, it inspects the current weather situation for five different U.S. Woodstocks.
According to the "reports" it applies the appropriate make-up to be ready for the day: to fight off attackers, to attract insects, and to nourish itself with the day's offered nutrients...
The audience is invited to witness the performance from a distance, as not to disturb this very shy creature. But spectators can watch the facial weather painting and accessorizing session close-up by accessing the wood creature's hand mirror through their mobile phones.

Remote Schmink-a-thon was produced for the Digital Media Festival in Woodstock/Vermont in two versions: one as a live networked performance and two, as an installation, both presented in June&July 2012.

Performance: The live networked performance, which was using streaming video via cellphone, took place in the center of town at the Middle Bridge on Saturday, June 23.
The audience could watch the live performance from the bridge, while simultaneously follow the live-make up session via their cell phone. An iPad was circulating among the visitors, displaying the weather data make-up directions: the score for the face painting.

Installation: The installation which was on display during the exhibtion "Micro" at Artistree Gallery was up and running from June 22 until July 7, 2012.
The installation displayed the wood creature in a specimen jar surrounded by the constantly updated weather data make-up directions on how to apply the "Schminke" ('make-up' in German.)
On the iphone (in the glass jar) gif-animations of the wood creature's different make-up sessions were triggered according to the same weather conditions that animated the make-up directions in the main projection.

Both festival exhibition and events featured a fantastic line-up of artists and presenters, check here for more info.

Remote Schmink-a-thon credits:
Concept/HTML and Javascript/Graphics/Animations/Costume/Sound(Installation): Ursula Endlicher.
PHP: David Farine.
Installation/Performance Production: Lee Day.
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