Website Annotations/Impersonations:  is a performance and interactive installation choreographed by Web code and twitter feeds.
Website Annotations/Impersonations: - a project developed for The Simulationists: Mixed Reality Performance - is part installation part performance, each influencing the other's appearance while collecting audience submission - via twitter. In the installation, which was exhibited at Rhymer Gallery/SAIC from February 1 - March 23, 2011, the audience could tweet text - their ideas and descriptions of HTML tags as movement notations - to the html-movement-library via cell phone. The ever-growing HTML movement archive was fed with movement annotations for performers, used during the live show, the second part of the project.
In the performance, at SAIC (The School of the Arts Institute of Chicago, which took place on February 18, 2011, four dancers - and the audience - were joining me in performing the school's website code as a live show.
The source code of the website - its HTML tags - were performed alternately by several dancers; their movements were then described (by the audience and myself) and stored online into the (text/twitter-based)  html-movement-library, either by accessing a laptop or using a smart phone. This information was immediately reused on stage as new instruction material for dance.
I first had the idea to "perform" HTML in 2006, when I discovered a parallel between HTML tags (the language the Web is written in) and Butoh (a Japanese dance technique, which is based on "becoming an image" in the performance.) I found it intriguing that the Web browser treats the HTML tag in the same way... The browser becomes the information stored in each HTML tag.

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