2015 and ongoing

  by Ursula Endlicher |

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In INPUT FIELD (PASSWORD) PLATES - Dinner and Movies a dinner table is set with HTML <Input> Tags turned ceramic plates that serve finger-food and movies.

Input Fields that ask for personal data build the entry point to almost any acitivity and interaction on the Internet. These "fields" one is required to fill out, collect and submit user data to servers to be stored forever. In INPUT FIELD (PASSWORD) PLATES - Dinner and Movies Input Fields are "freed" from this original function and transcend their usual format. They are not taking but giving back to their users, serving the audience with visual poetry and actual food.

INPUT FIELD (PASSWORD) PLATES - Dinner and Movies has been produced for Input Fields Forever, a solo-show by Ursula Endlicher, which was on view at Air Circulation in Bushwick, Brooklyn, from December 13, 2015 until January 24, 2016.

For the preparation of the dishes in INPUT FIELD (PASSWORD) PLATES - Dinner and Movies, several food creators were invited to collaborate: Johanna Kindvall, Steven Miyao, John Best and others joined in at different times.
The ceramic plates were designed and produced by Ursula Endlicher at Byrdcliffe Ceramic Studio in Woodstock, NY in collaboration with Rich Conti.
The iPhone and Android set-up was developed in collaboration with Lee Day.

The installation INPUT FIELD (PASSWORD) PLATES - Dinner and Movies is part of a larger context of works that investigates the philosophical and social structure, as well as the Internet-based functionality of Input Fields on Websites and Mobile Applications while transforming them into physical objects. INPUT FIELD (PASSWORD) PLATES was the first piece to be developed in the edible HTML serie. INPUT FIELD (PASSWORD) PLATES #2 has been shown during Creative Tech Week 2017 at the Knockdown Center, and INPUT FIELD (PASSWORD) PLATES #3 at the Third Annual Eyebeam Awards in 2017.

INPUT FIELD (PASSWORD) PLATES is currently getting upgraded with new screen technology and microcontrollers.